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The COMPUTER link supports any item that relates to a computer, computer hardware or accessory, like a computer cable or peripheral, etc. If any of the items listed here relate to another AREA, you might find the same item listed twice. Examples would be an audio/video cable listed at the A/V and CABLES links, or a book listed at the BOOKS and EDUCATE links, etc. Newest item listings (largest item numbers) are at the TOP of each AREA MENU page.

Item 244: NVIDIA BFG GeForce FX 5500 graphics card, AGP 8X bus type, 256MB DDR memory, 290MHz core clock, Dual 350MHz RAMDACs, 72.5 million vertices/second, 4 pixels per clock rendering engine, 2 dual-rendering pipelines, NVIDIA nView multi-display technology, NVIDIA CineFX 2.0 engine. Fan cooled processor. Outputs include VGA and S-video. Complete as pictured. Includes install manual, drivers and 4 demo game CD-ROMs (free driver upgrades at NVIDIA web site), graphics card. If you have a mobo with an AGP expansion slot and need a video performance upgrade, this is a great deal. Supports up to 1920x1080 resolution at 60Hz. This card cost me over $100 just a couple of years ago. Part number: BFGR55256OC. Price: $12

Item 226: ProPresenter Plus Advanced Remote Control for Computer Presentations. Wireless IR remote control paddle (with upgraded multi-function remote paddle). Supports all monitors, LCD panels and video projectors. Instant, no-software installation - plug and play operation. Connets between your mouse and PC. 30+ foot remote wireless range. Original box, manual/operating software, etc. (on 3.5" floppy disk) and soft storage case. I used this device for presentations in my observatory. This package cost me over $100 at one time. Price: $25

Item 225: SOLD ZIO Ether Switch Builder 100Mbps 5-Port N-Way SOHO Switching Hub (ESB550SW). All port auto uplink and negotiation, plug & play installation, hi-speed network up to 200Mbps, auto MDI/MDI-X function on all ports. Straight and crossover cable compatable. Almost NEW and in the Box. Manual and wall-wart power supply included. See my CABLES link above for CAT5 cables. Price: $25

Item 224: SOLD-OUT Two D-LINK Fast Ethernet 100Mbps DFE-530TX+ PCI to CAT-5 Network Adapter Cards for your desktop computer. Windows XP and MAC OS X compatable. Includes CDROM and installation manual. Like NEW in the Box. See my CABLES link above for CAT5 cables. Price: $40 for both

Item 223: D-LINK Fast Ethernet 100Mbps DFE-650 PCMCIA (Type II or III) PC Card Slot to CAT-5 Network Adapter for your Notebook computer. Windows XP and MAC OS X compatable. Includes CDROM and installation manual. See my CABLES link above for CAT5 cables. Price: $25

Item 222: SOLD NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 AGP (bus) Video Card that plugs into your mobo's AGP expansion slot. This is a relatively new and FAST video card with a core clock speed of 290MHz, Dual 350MHz RAMDACs and 256MB of DDR memory on board. Other features include NVIDIA CineFX 2.0 engine, 2 dual-rendering pipelines, AGP 8x compatable, and 72.5 million vertices/second. Very quiet on-board cooling fan. Includes manual and software drivers, etc. on two CDROMs. Like new condition. Cost me $75 new not that long ago. Price: $25

Item 217: SOLD Nostromo Programable Gamers Keyboard [and much more] for the right hand. USB compatible plug. Almost zero use, because I never did devote the time to develop a conditioned hand/brain response to this unique device. Can't find the software drivers but I know you can download them from the internet. With this custom unit in your right hand, and a mouse in your left, you'll be unbeatable! And develop carpal tunnel in both wrists at the same time. At least you'll be symmetrically disabled. Price: $15

Item 216: SOLD Logitech Wingman Extreme Hand Paddle with vibration feedback. This is a newer USB PC compatible game paddle. Includes original CDROM drivers, etc. Very little use. Price: $15

Item 215: Classic Logitech Wingman Extreme Joystick. Very little use, so it is in great operating condition. DB15 dedicated game port plug. Not USB, but a simple adapter might convert it to USB? Price: $20

Item 214: PC computer games. All are first-person-shooter games. No role playing because all I wanted to do, when I played these games, was kill anything that moved. I hate role playing games. From the top to the bottom: Half-Life, Delta Force, Rise of the Triads, Heretic, Hexen, Wolfenstein, Mech Warrior, Descent 3, Descent 2, Descent 1, Quake 3, Quake 2. Most of these games are for older, slower computers. If you have an old dedicated game computer, these are for you! They might play on a newer, faster computer. But if you are computer savvy, like most of us, you know you take your chances. As I've always said, "Computers will be our doom. BTW, whatever happened to my DOOM PC games? I'll get back to you on that. Price: $10 each!

Item 213: Another PC first-person-shooter game. I singled this one out because of all the additional levels that go on forever, and bonuses, etc. Duke Nukem 3D is a great game! And with all the extra stuff, you'll be playin' this one for a very long time indeed! Includes four CDROMs packed with goodies. What are you waitin' for - Christmas! Price: $15 - what a deal!

Item 196: Another pristine antique for that "before your children were born" computer you still have....... somewhere. It's a Diamond SpeedSTAR 24 video card, with original user's manual and software [drivers] on 5.25" floppies. Might need an upgrade? Really! Remember floppies? Probably not. If you have an old computer with an ISA bus, this video card is for you. If you don't know what an ISA bus is all about, then this is actually a history lesson - not. This was a "Top-of-the-Hill" video card, in its day. It will still provide a good screen rez of 1024x768 in (SVGA) 256 colors. The "24" in SpeedSTAR means it has a 24 bit DAC plus 1 [whole] MB of memory on board. Note the extra 20-pin memory chips plugged into the board's left side. They're full! Remember VESA modes? Don't get mushy on me now! Nostalgia is a good thing. Trivia quiz! What does the VESA achronym mean? "Video Electronics Standards Association." Are we learning? More totally useless information in your brain that you don't need. Price: $15 - what a deal!

Item 195: VIN Plus VGA to S-Video Encoder, made by Jovian. As you can see from the back panel above right, you plug your ahhh? I'll have to get back to you on this one. I need to find the manual so I can figure out how this thing does what it does. It's been a lot of years since I actually used this guy at BFO. Presentation stuff on large (for the day) monitors. If you know how it works, and can use it, it's a good deal. I'll be back with the rest of the story. Oh, it does include the manual, when I find it. And the wall-wart power supply. I think there may have been software too. Probably on a 5.25" floppy. Cost me a couple of hundred bucks in its day. If you are interested (not just curious), I will find the stuff right now. Price: $25

Item 194: Antiques anyone? This is an old 32MB SDRAM memory module. I only have the one, but if you have the right SDRAM slot, then the price is right. So why not just stick it in and watch the sparks fly. Not literally. I was talking about speeding your antique computer up just a bit. If you can use this module, you need all the speed you can get. Try finding this one anywhere. Price: $10 - what a deal!

Item 193: Got a Notebook that uses PC133 SODIMM notebook memory? I have two 256MB PC-133 SODIMM memory modules. This will upgrade your older notebook to 512MB. Whoa! Faster is better than slower. If you can find them, they can cost you $50 to $75 each. Not sold separately. Price: $25 for both

Item 192: SOLD Hmm, upgrades. Remember Matrix? Great movie(s)! If you have a desktop computer (266MHz front side bus speed) that uses PC2100 DDR memory, like I do, you can always find every DDR size but this one. You find PC5300, PC3200, PC2700 (usually), but never the very first PC2100 DDR memory modules. Well, guess what I have for you! And cheap too. Yah, this sound like Item 191 above. Guess what? Tt is! Just less memory. I have two 256MB PC2100 DDR memory modules (266MHz bus), for an upgrade total of 512MB. No "Whoa!" here. But more memory is better than less. See the close-up above right for addtional data. If you can find them, they can cost you $35 to $50 each. Not sold separately. Price: $25 for both

Item 191: Memories....... Oh, sorry! If you have a desktop computer (266MHz front side bus speed) that uses PC2100 DDR memory, like I do, you can always find every DDR size but this one. You find PC5300, PC3200, PC2700 (usually), but the very first PC2100 DDR memory modules are hard to find. Well, guess what I have for you! And cheap too. I have two 512MB PC2100 DDR memory modules (266MHz bus), for an upgrade total of 1GB. Whoa! Hey, for an older computer, 1Gig is pretty good. See the close-ups above right and center below for addtional data. If you can find them, they can cost you $50 to $75 each. Not sold separately, Price: $30 for both

Item 157: ProMaster Digital Card Reader accepts any type of flash media available. Hi-Speed USB 2.0 operation/powered with USB cable. Just plug it in to your USB port and you're up and running your flash cards. Accepts CF/MD, SD, SM, xD, MMC, MS, MS Duo, miniSD, etc. This is very new. I just have no use for it since I bought a new all-in-one printer that has all that card stuff on the front panel. These multi-card readers cost about $15 to $30, depending on where you buy. Price: $10

Item 156: CyberCooler NK-360 Fan Cooler for a notebook computer. Powered by a wall-wart included. Unit has a power switch on the front with three green LEDs (shown in picture). Very quiet operation. Air flow is 52CFM. Has three internal fans that are 60x60x10mm. Top has 3/4" lifts (not shown). The unit is actually pictured upside down. Sorry! These guys cost anywhere from $20 to $50, depending on where you buy. I hardly ever turned it on because I never used my notebook for extended periods of time. Price: $15

Item 155: SOLD I-Rocks HDD IR-9200 USB 2.0 High Speed 2.5" External Drive Enclosure with a 15 GB hard drive inside. All aluminum, not plastic. I just bought this a few months ago because I had an extra 15 Gig hard drive laying around. The hard drive started doing strange things and I don't have time to "play" with it. Probably has a virus and just needs to be reformatted? Includes the original box, manual, software drivers. Uses one USB port for data and one for power (note the two USB plugs in the picture). It has really cool LED strips on either side. One is blue (as shown in the picture), and the one on the other side is red. One is for power and one is for data. 480 Mbps transfer rate and Hot-Swap capability. Vista approved. Accepts 7200rpm drives. Interface is ATA/ATAPI IDE. These enclosures cost around $50, without the drive. If you can reformat the drive and get it to work, that's a free bonus. Price: $25 - such a deal!

Item 154: NEC CDR-4400 Internal 8x CDROM Disc Changer. That's right, this is a four CDROM disc changer. After installing in your case, load the included drivers, and slide four CD-ROM discs in the drive's door. Your operating system will recognize all 4 drive letters. Mine were, as noted on the front, F, G, I, J. They are just stick on letters so you can remove or change them if your operating system recognizes different drive letters. Also included is the original manual that came with the drive. This is not a new drive, so you might want to download new drivers from NEC. I paid $125 for this item when changers were in vogue. Price: $15 - what a deal!

Item 151: Canon N670U USB Flatbed Scanner. Optical scanning resolution is 1200 x 600 dpi. Maximum resolution is 9600 x 9600 dpi. Color bit depth is 48-bit color offering over 281 trillion colors. Whoa! USB powered. Designed for Windows XP. You can see the Windows XP tag on the red side of the box in the lower left corner. New in the Box. Includes manual, drivers and operating software on CD-ROMs and USB cable. This item has been sitting around in the box for a few years so you might want to download some updated drivers from Canon? New cost was around $130. Price: $45

Item 144: What can I say that is indepth and interesting about this one. Nothing. The picture says it all. 4-Port USB Hub with wall-wart power supply so you don't have to power it from your port. This is a good feature if you have power hungry peripherals. Includes short USB cable. Plug and Pray operation. Instructions, if you need them, are on the back of the card. New. Never used. Cost about $20 to $30 new depending on where you buy it. Price: $10

Item 143: As you can see, I have a lot of computer switch boxes. Buying these new will cost you from $15 to $40, depending on where you make the purchase. They have various stick on lettering on the front that can easily be pealed off with your finger nail. From top to bottom they are: 2 to 1 DB25 (parallel) female, 2 to 1 DB9 (serial) female, 2 to1 DB15 (VGA video) female, 2 to 1 DB15 PS/2 mouse and keyboard, 4 to 1 Centronics printer, 2 each 4 to 1 DB9 and [obsolete] DIN5 but you can use it to switch just the DB9. Your choice. Price: $9 each

Item 91: SOLD OUT This is a computer monitor/keyboard swivel pedestal that clamps to the edge of a desk. Very sturdy as it was designed for CRT monitors. Would hold a flat screen LCD monitor and keyboard very easily. I have three of these devices. Would be extra shipping charges involved, as they are large and fairly heavy metal construction. I would like $15 each

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