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The EDUCATE link supports any item that relates to, or can be used for, education or teaching. It can be a book, slide set, a teaching apparatus, etc. If any of the items listed here relate to another AREA, you might find the same item listed twice. Examples would be an audio/video cable listed at the A/V and CABLES links, or a book listed at the BOOKS and EDUCATE links, etc. Newest item listings (largest item numbers) are at the TOP of each AREA MENU page.

Item 212: Slide projectors. I have two. One is a Sawyers Automatic Focus with a coated Anastigmat Zoom f/3.5, 4-inch lens. The other is a Kodak Ektagraphic model 8-2 with a coated Ekanar Zoom f/3.5, 4 to 6 inch lens. I have a handful of rotary slide trays and carousels for both slide projectors. I'll provide what I have. 120VAC operation. All in good working condition. Price: $50 each

Item 211: Bell & Howell 360 Overhead Projector for the overhead transparencies offered below (Item 107) or for scribbling on a projection screen from afar. 120VAC [plug-in] operation. Old but it works great! Additional shipping costs apply. Price: $50

Item 121: SOLD An original set of CCD Astronomy published by S&T, until its demise. From issue 1 through issue 12. From Summer 1994 to Winter 1997. I believe it is complete and that the set includes all the issues? If not, let me know. Not sold separately. I would like $25 for all 12 issues

Item 120: SOLD An original set of Observatory Techniques magazine. From issue 1 through issue 22. I believe it is complete and that the set includes all the issues? If not, let me know. Not sold separately. I would like $50 for all 22 issues

Item 119: SOLD An original set of Amateur Telescope Making Journal. From issue 1 through issue 16. I don't know if this is all the issues or if I just had these extras laying around. You tell me. I would like $25 for all 16 issues

Item 118: SOLD An original set of Telescope Making Magazine (not ATMJ, offered below). From issue 1 through issue 46. I believe it is complete and that the set includes all the issues? If not, let me know. Not sold separately. I would like $75 for all 46 issues

Item 117: SOLD About 30 6"x 4" microfiche transparencies of the Palomar Sky Survey, and a complete master reference book of the transparency set. Unfortunately, the book is complete, but the transparencies are far from complete. They are only a sampling. The MicroSky microfiche set was offered in 1991 by Deen Publications and updated from the original Palomar Sky Survey to the 2000.0 Equinox. Even without the transparencies, the book is a great reference atlas, in itself. I am only guessing, but I would imagine that the complete microfiche set is still available, somewhere? Maybe not? I would like $35

Item 116: SOLD A collector's Atlas for your library? The AAVSO Variable Star Atlas, prepared by Charles E. Scovil, edited by Leif J. Robinson, editor S&T. Complete boxed set. Booklet, preface and key to symbols included. Copyright AAVSO 1980 by permission Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory. First printing 1980. This is a first edition. Only one. I would like $95

Item 115: A collector's Atlas for your library? Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO), Star Atlas of Reference Stars and Nonstellar Objects, prepared by the staff of the SAO, forward by Joseph Ashbrook, editor, S&T. Booklet and transparent overlay. Equinox and epoch 1950.0. Boxed set and indexed charts. Complete as published. Printed by The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, and London, England. Copyright 1969. Only one. I would like $150

Item 114: Three items that are not really related, except that they are space stuff. The first is a giant star map, Philip's Chart of the Stars (back). The second is a stack of Lumicon NGC Note Pads (right). Great for eyepiece field sketching, etc. About 100 sheets, or so.  The third item is two CD-ROMs in plastic cases, with pamphlets inside (left). A wealth of astromonical catalogs from NASA. Way too many to list here. Not sold separately. You can have this "gathering" for $10

Item 113: SOLD Two slide sets from Science Graphics (SG) in Bend, Oregon. SG produced the best slide sets ever offered by anyone. Of course, that is only my opinion. One is Coordinates, Time & Place, 20 slides with descriptions of each slide.  The other is U.S. Naval Observatory, 34 slides with descriptions of each slide. These are NEW stock. 54 slides total. Not sold separately. I would like $25 for both sets

Item 112: SOLD Two Northern Hemisphere Constellation slide sets. One 40-slide set is from Science Graphics in the blue folder. The other  20-slide set is from Hansen Planetarium in the small white plastic box at the bottom of the picture. These are NEW stock. 60 slides total with list. Not sold separately. I would like $20 for both sets

Item 111: SOLD Great color slides of 19 Glorious Solar Eclipses with booklet. S&T offered this set a few years ago. NEW. I would like $5

Item 110: SOLD Four cassette narrated 40-slide sets and one 20-slide set. The narrated ones include; Chesley Bonestell's Vison of Space, Voyagers Encounter Jupiter, Voyager 2 Encouters Saturn and Viking-Mars Landings. All are in plastic cases. The 20-slide set is Jupiter-Saturn-Uranus, the Voyager Missions. That's 180 Slides and some great narrations that can be played on any cassette tape player. Old stock, but NEW. Not sold separately. I would like $25 for all.

Item 109: This is just a sheet of heavy card stock, but "The Best Deep-Sky Objects" card is a wealth of information and a great quick reference. The front (shown left) is a whole-sky chart and the other side (shown right) are tables for all the Messier objects, M1 through M109, plus about 40 of the best NGC objects. All the info you need for quick and dirty deep-sky object ID. SOLD Some. Still have a quantity of these.  $1 each or five for $3.

Item 108: SOLD These full-color Seasonal Star Charts are the most useful, practical and functional star atlases I have ever used in the field for general reference. The 1997 planetary positions are a little dated, but the voluminous other stuff is always up to date. Star wheel on the cover and very heavy card stock with plastic binder hinge. I have two. They've been in storage for a decade, but they are basically NEW stock. I would like $10 each or both for $15

Item 107: Four sets of COLOR overhead transparencies. 11" by 9" each. Hubbard Scientific Publications. All sets come with instruction manual. Approx. six transparencies per set. Each set is in a plastic storage folder.These are new stock. Materials and Light, Light Science Series, $49.95 (2 available). Hydrological Cycle, Ecosystem Nutrient Cycles, $39.95. Inclined Plane, Machines Science Series, $74.95. Pollution, Conservation Science Series, $74.95. Combined published price for all four sets is $240. Not sold separately. $95 all four sets. Single set, Materials and Light, $20

Item 89: SOLD A very unique educational spectrum projector. One-of-a-kind! It projects a giant rainbow spectrum on any screen or wall. I made this device many years ago for demonstration at BFO. It is simply a single slide projector with a double razor blade knife edge (replacing the slide) and an external double prism to spread the spectrum out so you can easily see the individual colors. I used different filters in front of the lens to show how a color filter can enhance or cancel a specific color, etc. 120vac. I would like $25

Item 87: SOLD Remember the Buil-Thouvenot CCD Atlas of Deep-Sky Objects (version 1)? It's a good one! Christian and Eric put a lot of time and effort into creating this very complete CCD Atlas. Only problem is that they are on 5.25" floppy disks. One program disk and 22 object disks. They are in very nice plastic cases. A lot of people still have 5.25" floppy drives in their desktop computers. I do. Just copy them to a CD burner and you've got the whole atlas on CD. Price: $35

Item 70: SOLD This is a Copernicus Earth centered solar system orrery model. It is NEW in the original box with instructions. Note the Earth at the center of the universe. Ignorance is bliss. This orrery probably cost around $100 when I purchased it a long time ago? They may cost a little more now? Price: $25 each

Item 69: A Milky Way Galaxy 3-D Relief Model showing our location in our galaxy, where all the blue lines cross. I have two of these. One NEW in the box with the instruction pamphlet and one that was used as a display model without the original box or manual. They probably cost around $100 each when I purchased them a long time ago? They may cost a little more now? Price: $25 each

Item 68: SOLD This mechanical Moon Phase Clock is made in Paris, France and uses one AA battery. It is about 9.5" high for scale. They sold for about $60 new. I think you can probably still get them somewhere? Maybe they cost a little more now? You can have this one for $20

Item 67: SOLD-OUT I have a few of these NEW (in the box) Giant (18"x 24") Lunar Relief maps of the Sea of Rains with the Copernicus crater in the lower right area of the map. Actually, the orientation of the map should be with the long side vertical, not horizontal as shown. They are boxed and come with an instruction pamphlet. They are fiberglass or plastic castings. You can relief paint them, as I did with this one in the picture, which I am keeping. I am going to hang this one on the wall because it is unique compared to an ordinary framed painting, etc. You could even frame it, if you want to get gaudy, or not. They probably cost around $100 each? One has been SOLD. I have two left. Because of there large size, they will cost you $10 each for US shipping. If you purchase my last two together, I could probably ship both for $15. Price: $25 each

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