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The ELECTRO link supports any item that is electrical or electronic in nature. If any of the items listed here relate to another AREA, you might find the same item listed twice. Examples would be a gear reduced motor that could also control a roll-off roof or observatory dome that would be listed at the ASTRO and ELECTRO links, an audio/video cable listed at the A/V and CABLES links, or a book listed at the BOOKS and EDUCATE links, etc. Newest item listings (largest item numbers) are at the TOP of each AREA MENU page.

Item 236: SOLD Neptune Dyna-Pump, Model 4K, 120vac, 60Hz, 1.3Amps. A nice little vacuum Pump. Low volume, high pressure. In other words, you can draw a total vacuum from one of those glass domed cylinders, etc. The motor is a Universal Electric Motor with sealed bearings. There is an on-off switch on the cord. The two fluted fittings (shown in the picture) are marked "pressure" and "vacuum." All metal construction. Built like a tank to last/pump forever. It works great, and it'll suck the ---- off a Gondor! Price: $45

Item 235: SOLD AGASTAT Timing Relay, Model 2412AN, 120VAC, 60 Hz. Time setting is from 0.2 to 180 seconds. Contact rating is as noted above right. This is the world famous AGASTAT relay used in industrial and power plant applications because they are built to last indefinitely. This one is a double pole - double throw. In other words, one pair of contacts are normally closed and the other are normally open. You just turn the silver screw at the top of the relay to adjust the timing. If a 10-amp rating is not enough to operate your electical device, you can always control a larger capacity relay or contactor with this AGASTAT. Includes mounting bracket. These guys are not cheap! And this one is New-in-the Box. Price: $45

Item 234: SOLD Vexta Brushless DC Motor and Driver Set, model AXHM015K-A, hi-torque motor, 0-3000rpm, 2amp, 24vdc, ultra precision speed and positioning. Among many other attributes, "brushless" also means no RF or EM interference that could disrupt sensitive computer/electronic equipment, etc. Includes motor, electronic controller, cables and connectors. Complete operations, installation and maintenance manual. This single motor set is NEW-in-the-Box. I bought this a couple of years ago as a potential drive motor for a turntable, but never got around to even testing it to see if it would support the application. I think I paid over $200 for this motor/driver set. All metal, precision machined motor. A pair of these would make a great dual-axis telescope drive project, and you can still get more from Vexta. Only one here. Price: $50

Item 233: SOLD General Radio Company Decade Resistance and Capacitance Boxes. Decade resistance box has 5 rotary switch knobs (see picture, taller left box) with factor-of-ten increments (from the bottom) of 0.1 ohms/step, 1 ohm/step, 10 ohms/step, 100 ohms/step and 1000 ohms/step. The decade capacitance box has 3 rotary switch knobs (see picture, shorter right box) with increments (from the bottom) of 0.0001 uf/step, 0.001 uf/step and 0.01 uf/step. All knobs, on both boxes, have 10-steps/knob. They can be oriented in any position because they have four feet on the bottom, top and back. About 4" square by a foot tall. Perfect working condition. All metal construction and built like a tank. Not sold separately, because what is resistance without capacitance, good without evil, fire without cold, etc. Balance is everything!. Both for $75

Item 232: SOLD A matched pair of SLO-SYN Superior Electric Synchronous Stepper Motors. No controller needed! Reversible, Type SS400-1122U, 72rpm, 720 oz/in torque, 120vac, 1.1 amp, 60 Hz, continuous duty, Class A, impedance protected. They include one 4 MF (motor-duty) capacitor each. Very simple hook-up and reversal. I don't remember the exact wiring, but each motor only has three wires, so how hard can it be. Not very. I figured out how to run them years ago by trial and error. I'm pretty sure that one motor wire goes to your line neutral and the other two motor wires go across the cap. Applying the hot line lead to either side of the cap provides forward and reverse rotation of the motor shaft at a very hi-torque, low 72rpm. Did I say synchronous stepper? This means that the 72rpm rotation speed is "exactly exact," because our national power grid line frequency of 60 Hz is controlled by the atomic clock [timing] in Boulder, Colorado. Where do you think our 120vac synchronous motor driven [mechanical with hands] clocks get their high accuracy? These guys are not small or lightweights. Dimensions are approximately 10 inches long, not including the 1/2" diameter motor drive shaft, and about 5" in diameter. Each sealed motor has three threaded mounting holes on the face of the motor housing (shown in picture). These hi-torque, low rpm motors (no gear reduction necessary or needed) would be great for slow-motion [or slewing] drives for a [need I say large] telescope, or for split shutter control on a dome. They could even rotate a fairly good sized dome with one motor in reserve as a spare, etc. Although these motors are build like the Bodine motors below (Item 135), so spares are probably redundant at best. They are very heavy [all metal construction] for their size, so additional shipping is required. Not sold separately. Both for $50

Item 231: SOLD Kollmorgen DC Motor, model SMOID-VF. I don't know what the "VF" at the end of the model means, but if I had to guess, I would say "VERY FAST." Very high rpm with great torque to drive the "Gondor" to submission (see nameplate info above right). 0-90vdc, 0-7.5 amps, 0-7000rpm, 0.2 HP. From the "zero to" specs, this super motor is designed to be used with a very inexpensive and common 90vdc controller available just about everywhere, including surplus electronic suppliers (use a search engine). This means that the motor is reversible and variable speed too, as noted by the specs above. Motor is about 7" in diameter by about 3" long, not including the double ended, 1/2" diameter motor shaft. NEW-in-the-Box. All metal construction. Price: $45

Item 230: SOLD Weston Current Transformer, model 327, Type 1 (close-up of nameplate shown below). Up to 2500 line volts, current measuring ranges/ratios (noted on top, above right picture) are 10, 20, 50, 100. Frequency range is 25 to 200 Hz. Capacity is 15 Volt-Amps (that's an output from the taps, not an input). If you are not familiar with current transformers, the various connections on top are coil taps for various current ratios (noted below on the nameplate). This current transformer (CT) is very adaptable to any application, like driving the (included) Westinghouse Power Plant AC 100-Amp meter, etc. (shown in the above left picture) As you know, or maybe you don't, voltage traveling through a wire radiates current (electromagnetic waves) perpendicular to the flow of power. So all you have to do is run your wire through the center hole in the current transformer above and wire the meter to the taps on the top. Only two wires go to the meter and no outside power is required, except from the wire going through the hole, of course. There are no physical wire connections necessary, except from the CT to the meter - easy install. You could also use the alternate low-current top connections (right connections pictured above) as a direct wired shunt. Note that you can't just hook-up your power line directly through the meter. The high current would "fry" the meter instantly. You must use some kind of shunt or CT like this one. CT is about 10" square by about 3" deep and fairly heavy (tank-grade). The Amp meter has a 4" by 4" face and is about 4" deep. All are power plant, industrial-grade applications. Or you can simply hook it up to your house and see how much current you are drawing. See what's costing you the most [amps/$] to operate. Save an amp, save a buck, etc. This device requires some electrical power production knowledge to install. Excellent working condition. The CT alone cost many times what I am asking for both items. Price includes both CT and meter. Not sold separately. Price: $195

Item 229: General Electric Industial-Grade Clamp-on Watt Meter. Kilowatt measuring capacity with various ranges according to the large dial on the front below the meter (see picture). Voltage range is 120, 240 and 600vac. Kilowatt range is 3, 6, 20, 60, 200, 300 kilowatts (that's 300,000 watts!). 3-phase compatable. For AC measurement only. Instructions imprinted on rear of meter (not shown). Clamp it onto your wire, hook the two clamp leads across your power lines and read your wattage comsumption. Nice leather case included. Built for tank duty. Excellent condition. Cost many times what I am asking. Price: $95

Item 228: General Electric Industial-Grade Clamp-on AC Volt-Amp Meter. Voltage and amperage range set by turning knob on bottom of housing next to the voltage lead connections (see picture). Voltage range is 150, 300, 750vac. Amperage range is 10, 30, 100, 300, 800 amps. 800 AMPS! Whoa! No DC capability. Clamp it onto your wire to measure amps. Hook the two clamp leads across your power lines to measure volts. Nice leather case included. Built for tank duty. Excellent condition. Cost many times what I am asking. Price: $75

Item 227: SOLD A Million Volt Tesla Coil for presentation and/or education, etc. This Tesla coil was designed and built by me about 10 years ago for educational purposes and demonstrations in the observatory. It took almost 5 years of research, experimentation and development to get it to do what it does [efficiently] from a standard 120vac, 20 amp recepticle. Usually, Tesla coils of this magnitude require special high voltage/current power sources - not this one.

Unfortunately, the first time it was activated in the observatory, it fused the dome rotation relays closed (so we had to pull the breaker to stop the dome from rotating) and blew out the computers in the warmroom. So, if you are interested in purchasing this "super lightning machine," I would suggest activating it away from anything electrical in nature. About a 20-foot radius should be sufficient.

The coils get their high voltage and low current from three gas tube transformers, about 15,000 volts at 60 milliamps each. I built a giant glass and aluminum layered capacitor (about 2' by 3' rated at 0.007 MF) to store the power. The primary coil is copper tubing and the secondary coil is wound using 10-gage insulated wire. A motorized rotary spark gap amplifies the voltage through the secondary coil to around one million volts. The coil will generate lightning-like streamers up to two feet long. Using spinning rods and other demo devices (see picture above right), you can create spectacular, motivational demonstrations like no other.

Many years ago, when I was in the military, I was involved in mobile power production and distribution with a top-secret, elite outfit called the Nuclear Reactors Group out of Washington DC. If I told you any more, I would have to kill you. So I do know a thing or two about electricity. There is no danger of electrocution from this device because the current is very low, only 60 milliamps. It will give you a "jolt" if you make/break contact with it while it is on, but you can actually hold your hand on the saucer, when it is activated, and feel nothing at all. You can light up a fluorescent tube from up to 10 feet away, through the air, no wires (see picture above right). The large coil disconnects from the base unit, which is on rollers. Seller accepts no responsibility for collateral damage from misuse or modification of this device. 120vac operation. This item is large and weighs about 400 lbs. so it would have to be crated on a pallet, at additional freight costs. If you wanted to pick it up, a small pickup or SUV would hold it nicely. Price has been reduced from $2000. Price: $1450

Item 221: Nikon Lithium-Ion Battery Charger Power Adapter (EH-21) that includes the USB data cord to a Nikon digital camera and TWO (one NEW in the Box) EN-EL1 (NIK882) rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries (900mAh). The charger/power adapter has a DC output cord and plug to power your camera. My Nikon 880 camera was totalled in an accident, but this accessory stuff wasn't around the accident. Charger has attached AC power cord. All manuals and info included. Like new condition. Each lithium-ion battery cost more than I am asking for the whole package. Price: $25

Item 220: SOLD This is a digital (no tapes) phone message recorder, and it's a good one too. AT&T Answering System 1337 records your messages using solid-state digital flash memory. Does everything a full-function advanced answering machine should, including listening to your messages (or you can leave a memo) from your cell phone when you are away, etc. LED message readout (not shown in picture, on other side). Includes manual and AC wall-wart power plug. Also has 9v battery backup for power outages. This unit cost me over $100 not that long ago. Excellent condition. Price: $35

Item 210: This is NOT an automatic phone message recorder. This is a phone conversation recorder. Just push the record button to record your phone conversation, before or during the call. With this phone voice recorder, you've got the proof of what was said, on tape. In and out phone jacks for simple in-line installation. Uses standard cassette recording tapes. Includes AC wall-wart power plug. If you can find one, they cost a lot more than I'm asking. Like new condition. Price: $25

Item 209: SOLD 300 watt power inverter. Plugs into your car lighter to convert your 12vdc to 120vac. This is a very high quality Wagan solid-state inverter that cost around $75 and is rated at a continuous 300 watts, 800 watts peak AC output. It offers a sine wave (not square wave) output so it is great for your sensitive computer, video game console, etc. Built-in polarity/Overload protection. Power on-off switch with power indicator light. You can run just about anything with this [high power output] inverter - power tools, TVs, appliances, etc. NEW-in-the-Box. Price: $25

Item 142: SOLD This is a 120vac reversible gear reduced motor. I think it is a 1/4 or 1/2 HP and the built-in gear reduction is a slow 15 or 20rpm at the [removable] drive sprocket. Horsepower doesn't matter because the gear reduction gives it enough torque to rip your roof off if you don't hit the stop button. I came close one time when my microswitch failed to shut it off. I would suggest microswitch stops at each end, but not really necessary. I'll include the contactor relay control box (long gray box below the motor) and the 1/4" steel plate roller bracket mechanism, shown at the top of the picture, which has a 1" diameter solid steel shaft and roller bearings at both ends of the shaft. I always overbuilt things, even back then. Includes the sprocket and chain. Basically, you get everything that is in the picture, except the observatory. All you have to come up with is a steel cable, one pully and a couple of push buttons. Or you can dump the control relay box and simply use a single throw-double pole switch with a center off position to reverse the motor. Or you could use two switches, without the center off, one to reverse the motor and one to activate it. This was my original motorized roll-off roof observatory dating all the way back to 1986. You can see more about my observatory in two ways. 1) You can go to my VSI web site by clicking on home above, which will take you to Paul's List home page, click on the same home button again to take you to VSI's home page, then click on the USER INSTALLATIONS link and scroll to the bottom of the page to the article "Four-Speed 17.5-inch Newtonian." 2) You can find an old issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine from February 1986. Probably easier to go to the link? The price is right, even though it will cost you extra for shipping because this stuff is heavy duty. Price: $75

Item 141: SOLD Want to check the leading edge wing vibration on the shuttle's RCC (reinforced carbon carbon), or the vibration from the gyroscopic stabilizers on the international space station (ISS). Well, here it is. Actually, you would have to get these guys to the ISS, which could be fun, if you have $20 million to spare. A matched pair of individually serial numbered PCB Piezotronics miniature triaxial accelerometers (Models 356A21), 10 mV/g, titanium housings, mini 4-pin connector (see above pictures, center right and left). Each has its own padded velvet lined case. The above set includes the line-powered ICP 4-channel sensor signal conditioner (Model 482A20) with its own 120vac power supply unit and corded plugs (see above pictures, top right), cabling and connector adapters (see above picture, top left). Includes all the operating instruction manuals and documentation (even two DVDs) that you could ever want or need (see above pictures, bottom left). These accelerometers are the most sensitive on the market. Even with the blue isolation platform (see above pictures, bottom right), which uses a pneumatic lift granite slab, the accelerometers on top can register my breathing from the other side of my shop, 40 feet away. A pin drop is an off-the-scale register. If you don't need that much sensitivity, you can just downscale the scope's sensitivity, etc. The accelerometers cost over $1,000 each and the line conditioner cost over $1000 by itself. About $4000+ worth of gear. This is relatively new instrumentation/equipment. BTW, if you are interested in purchasing the blue steel, pneumatic-lift granite isolation platform (not shown are the lock-down wheels), give me a call. Price: $950 takes all

Item 140: SOLD This is the much sought-after "Mother of all Oscilloscopes!" The one that every tech geek wants on his test bench. This classic, solid-state Tektronix 7000 series oscilloscope (this one's the 7313), has the most coveted plug-in modules available. Just turn this contraption on and make some squiggly blue lines on the screen, and everyone that sees it will think you're a real smart person. And, you don't even have to turn it on. It looks real pretty just sittin' around impressing the neighbors. Use it as a cool trophy piece. Seriously, the three plug-in modules are the 7A18 Dual-Trace Amplifier (left) which sells for about $200 used. I've found the 7D15 225 MHz Universal Counter/Timer (center) selling for around $200 to $300 used. And the 7B53A 100 MHz Dual Time Base (right) module is selling for about $350 used. The 7B53A Dual Time Base provides optimum bandwidth/sweep speed compatibility. The fastest rate is 5ns/div which is obtained with the X10 magnifier probe (2 included). The7B53A features four kinds of sweep: normal, intensified delaying, delayed, and mixed. This unit also features calibrated single and mixed sweep operations, triggering to 100 MHz. This increases the 7313's DC to 25 MHz range considerably. It includes the Tektronics Mobile Scope Stand with tilting platform, wheels and rollers, Type 200-1, Model A (pictured above left). FYI, this type of stand sells for over $1000 new. Also included are two X10 magnifier probes and a bunch of other probes and attachment stuff (pictured above right). I've seen similar probes selling on the internet for $500 to $2000 new and used. If you really want to use this gear, it has the original operating instruction manual including all the plug-in module instructions, with pictures and illustrations too. I've also found that these manuals are easily downloaded and/or available as hard copies on the internet. Don't let the Texas Instruments 3-ring binder fool you. It's just a cover for the pages inside, which are all sealed in plastic. And, this unit is made in Portland, Oregon, where I was born and raised. Actually, that has nothing to do with anything. Does it? Needs a good Q-tip dusting/cleaning because it has been sitting around my shop for a few years. Otherwise, it's in excellent condition. You can see it in operation. It is shown in the sixth picture down (far right) at the accelerometer listing directly below this one (Item 141). The 7313 O-scope sold for about $2850 new in 1977, without the plug-in modules. I've seen it selling on the internet for a couple of hundred dollars up to $1200. This one works great. I would be very careful purchasing the really cheap ones on ebay, etc. You want one that works. Repair on these units can cost you more than the scope is worth, not to mention the shipping back and forth, etc. 120vac operation. It's not a lightweight. US shipping and very careful packing will cost extra, since the stand needs to be packed separately in another box. Price: $495

Item 138: SOLD HP Agilent 3580A High Performance Spectrum Analyzer Oscilloscope with adaptive sweep capability (shown left bottom). Great for audio/video gear analysis in the 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz range. However, it's actual bandwidth is 5 Hz to 50,000 Hz, with a resolution bandwidth of 1 Hz. Whoa! That's the best available on any sweeping spectrum analyzer. It also has a dynamic range of 80 dB. I don't have the manual on this near-mint condition unit, but you can easily download instruction manuals, if you need them, from the internet. Actually, you should not need instructions because the functions are fairly simple and straight forward. You can see it in operation above. It is shown in the sixth picture (directly behind me) at the accelerometer listing (Item 141). Original new cost for this unit was $11,280. I've seen these units for as little as a couple hundred dollars up to $1450. Again, be careful what you find for cheap on ebay, etc. This one works great! 120vac operation. Price: $495

Item 139: SOLD The converter box sitting on top of the Spectrum Analyzer is an RCA Dual-Tracer that converts single-trace oscilloscopes to dual-trace capability. Includes operating and maintenance manual pictured above right. You can see it in operation. It is shown in the sixth picture (directly behind me) at the accelerometer listing above (Item 141). 120vac operation. Price: $75

Item 137: SOLD FLUKE Frequency Counter, Model 1900A. Measures 5 Hz to 80 MHz. Lots of function buttons on the front. Never used most of them. When I used it, I just pushed the FREQ and AUTO buttons and let it do everything automatically. If you know your test equipment, then you know that Fluke is the best. Good condition, but its been sitting around my shop for a few years, so a Q-tip cleaning would easily restore it to excellent condition. You can see it in operation above. It is shown in the sixth picture (far right) at the accelerometer listing (Item 141). Top-of-the-line Fluke counters like this one sell for about $200 to $400. LED digital readout. 120vac operation. Price: $95

Item 136: SOLD LOADSTAR Audio Generator, Model A6-2601A. This fairly common audio generator sells for about $150. The range is 10 Hz to 1 MHz. Very little use. You may have to clean it up a bit with a Q-tip because it has been gathering dust around my shop for a few years. You can see it in operation above. It is shown in the sixth picture (far left) at the accelerometer listing (Item 141). 120vac operation. Price: $65

Item 135: SOLD-OUT Bodine reversible gear motor. New in the box. I have three of these motors. If you know anything about motors, then you know that Bodine makes the best motors, period! This is a 115vac, single phase, 2 amp, 50/60 Hz motor. It has a 50 to 1 gear reduction ratio and runs at 17rpm (50 Hz) and 20rpm (60 Hz). Thermal overload protected. The motor is about 10 inches long including the gear head, and about 5 inches in diameter. It has a standard mounting plate on the bottom of the motor housing and the drive shaft is at a 90 degree angle to the motor. The shaft diameter is 1/2 inch. Horsepower is blank on the motor plate, but who cares. With a 50-1 gear reduction, you could tow a tank with one of these guys. It uses an included 25 mfd capacitor (shown) to start the motor. Full instructions and documentation included. I used two of these to remote open the shutters on my 18-foot dome. You could easily drive a smaller domes rotation, up to about 12 feet in diameter. Or a roll-off roof, etc. These were spares. What was I thinking, not. They're Bodine! These motors are not light, so shipping will cost you extra, but the price is right. Price: $50 each. Two for $75. All three for $100

Item 134: SOLD 20-inch Plasma Disc. This is the BIG ONE! This is not the smaller 12-inch model that appeared on Star Trek (Borg regenerators) and other Sci-fi shows. There are two control knobs on the back that control intensity and duration, or something like that? By manipulating these knobs, you can set the streams to create different patterns, etc. When you touch the disc the plasma streams move to your finger tips just like the plasma ball above. Also very cool! The stand on the back folds in so you could mount the disc on a wall, like a picture, etc. It comes with a 12vdc, 1 amp wall-wart power supply so you could operate it from a 12vdc car cigarette lighter plug, etc. It cost me $200 new. Price: $95

Item 133: SOLD 8-inch Plasma Ball. There is a 3-position switch on the side, off, on, and sound mode. Sound mode will activate the plasma when talking or music is played. When you touch the ball the plasma streams move to your finger tips. Very cool! There is a removable black half ball cover on the back of the clear glass ball. It is held in place by a short piece of tape, shown at the top of the ball in the picture. It comes with a 12vdc, 1 amp wall-wart power supply so you could operate it from a 12vdc car cigarette lighter plug, etc. Price: $35

Item 132: SOLD This is an ultra accurate DigiWeigh DWP-1001 scale. I had two scales and sold the other one (Item 84) right away. So I decided to insert the other one, just in case someone else also wanted a nice LCD digital scale for a very good price. It also has more features and functions than the other scale. It measures grams in 0.1gm increments up to 1000 grams (a little over 2 lbs.), ozs, carats & grains too. It takes four AA batteries, or you can operate it on an included wall-wart power supply. The scale also has TARE function to zero the scale. This means that you can put a cup on the scale, zero the scale with the TARE button, then fill the cup with whatever and weigh the combination to get the exact weight of what's inside the cup, etc. Other features include a PCS counting function so you can keep track of how many whatevers you have weighed. It also has a 6" diameter removable (for cleaning, etc.) stainless steel measuring plate (shown in the picture on the scale). This is a good sized scale measuring 9.5" long x 6.5" wide x 1.5" high. Never used. New in the Box. Instructions included. Price: $35

Item 88: This is a modified PulseGuide from Rigel Systems. The regular one has a small coin battery inside, but I got tired of replacing the battery all the time so I converted it to a wall-wart power supply because I did not need portability. Just plug it into a 120vac wall outlet. The wall-wart is a selectable DC voltage output so you could us it for any DC voltage from 1.5vdc to 12vdc or in between. The pulse doesn't work but the LED's variable illumination is controlled from the knob on the back of the black PulseGuide cylinder. Price: $15

Item 86: SOLD You can either start your own brothel, or use these red light bulbs in your observatory. The latter is my recommendation. Then again.......... What you see is what you get. I count five 7.5 watt bulbs, three 15 watt bulbs and seven 25 watt bulbs (there are 4 in the box). If you can find them, they cost a lot more than I am asking for the lot. Most are NEW. Price: $10

Item 84: SOLD This is an ultra accurate Ohaus CS200 scale. It measures grams in 0.1g increments up to 200 grams, and ozs, too. It takes three AA batteries or a 6vdc wall-wart power supply. It didn't come with a power supply so I don't have one. I paid over $100 for this guy not that long ago. Price: $35

Item 81:  I have a large quantity of these 12vdc car adapters. They all have a standard male power plug that is compatable with almost everything in the world. They can power your scope, CCD camera, focuser, etc. from your car's cigarette lighter socket. Two for $4 What a Deal!

Item 80: I have a large quantity of these 14vdc, 380ma wall-wart power supplies. They all have a standard male power plugs that are compatable with almost everything in the world. They can power your scope, CCD camera, focuser, etc. , etc., etc. Orion sells these power supplies for $30 each. Two for $6 What a Deal! No, that's not $3 each.

Item 73: SOLD These two Micronta 24-hour LED clocks were used at Black Forest Observatory. The large LED numbers are 1.8" high. They both have 9v battery back-up capability. The larger one on the left can stand on its own, or be wall mounted. The other one has an alarm and a dimmer switch. It's hard to find LED clocks nowadays. Everything seems to be LCD, which is very difficult to see in the dark. Price: $25 each, or both for $40

Item 72: SOLD I have two of these 24-hour Seth Thomas Quartz clocks that I used in my observatory. They are 12" in diameter and look very cool in an observatory environment. You can set them to universal, sidereal, zulu, GMT, etc. They use one AA battery that lasts for about a year, and are very accurate. They cost me about$50 a long time ago. Price: $25 each

Item 71: SOLD This lighted EXIT sign was above the door at Black Forest Observatory. With low wattage bulbs the green letters are very dim. The bottom of the box also has a window that could be covered with red acetate to dimly illuminate when exiting your observatory. It is metal construction and the exit panel is raised on springs to easily replace the bulbs. Commercial grade. These are not a cheap sign. Price: $20

Item 62: SOLD I have two (now one) of these NEW in-the-box Photo Sensor Tachometers. Harbor Freight sells these units for $50 each. RPM range is 2.5-99,000 RPM. Infrared beam detects RPM without contact. Great for measuring the exact RPM, to 1/10th of an RPM, of telescope drive motors or LP turntables, etc. Uses 4 AA batteries. Price: $25 each

Item 61: I have a large quality of these NEW (blister packed) 50 watt power inverters. They plug into your car lighter and convert your 12vdc to 120vac. These are high-quality Belkin inverters that cost $30 each and are rated at a continuous 50 watts, 140 watts peak AC output. They offer a sine wave (not square wave) output so they are great for your sensitive computer, video game console, etc. They also have a low battery alarm and automatic shut-off. They automatically shut off if they overheat at 150 degrees. Power on-off switch with power indicator light. Very compact for travel, etc. This is really a give-away (below Belkin's manufacturing cost) price, especially in quantity. Price: $10 each, 5 for $35, or 10 for $50

Item 60: I really have a bunch of these NEW (not take-outs) Buehler gear reduced DC servo motors. Reversible by just reversing the two leads on the motor. Made in USA. They are 24vdc, and with that voltage input will run at 330rpm. At less voltage (say 6 to 12vdc), they will operate much slower. Good for a variable telescope drive or a focus motor. These motors cost $25 to $30 each in surplus catalogs. Price: $10 each, 5 for $35, or 10 for $50

Item 58: SOLD-OUT I have a bunch of gear reduced synchronous motors. Most of them are made by Hurst. They range from 1/2rph to about 6rpm. Most are reversible and some even have magnetic latch shaft disengage mechanisms built-in. Price: $10 each

Item 53: SOLD-OUT Not exactly telescope related, but could be a 4-axis telescope controller with some imagination. That was my plan many years ago. Of course, many years ago, I would give real money for junk like this. Take outs from an antiquated arcade game. It is a 4-way joystick with SPDT micro-switches times four. I have a bunch of them. Very heavy duty. Obviously, if they could have stood up to the punishment from kids beating the crap out of this device 24/7, and survive. Price: $10 each

Item 50: SOLD Meade RA and Dec stepper motors for one of their telescopes. Don't know which one. Plug in a 12vdc power supply/wall-wart (not included) into the left box and an AutoStar hand paddle (not included) into the other and you're up and running. Includes aluminum shaft couplers. Price: $20

Item 49: SOLD Meade variable speed focus motor controller package. This unit was mounted on one of my focusers. It includes the mounting bracket and a very massive bronze spur gear that will fit on any 1/4" diameter focuser shaft. Some ATM modifications may be necessary to adapt it to your focuser. Uses a 9vdc battery (not included) inside the controller. Price: $25

Item 48: SOLD A Meade StarFinder hand paddle. It is NEW. It was an extra that was never in service. It's been in storage for a few years, so it may need a little dusting. I guess it is the lesser model from the one shown below - no number pad, etc. You probably know more about what these devices are selling for than I do. My price is a guess. Price: $25

Item 47: SOLD A Meade ETX AutoStar hand paddle. It is NEW. It was a back-up that never saw service. It's been sitting around for a few years, so it may need a little dusting. I think these guys cost around $150, because they are the "heart" of the Meade GO-TO system. They have an RJ jack on the bottom to interface them to your notebook computer using various software, like The SKY, etc. You may know more about what these devices are going for than I do. My price is a guess. Price: $50

Item 46: SOLD This is a Meade AutoStar control system. It includes the hand paddle, control box and two gear reduced stepper motors. The gray aluminum mechanisms on the end of the two black boxes were my attempt to convert them to drive a German equatorial mount that they were not originally designed to drive. This is an ATM project for the person who wants to build it himself, without too much effort. You can probably get the manual online from Meade. You get the Meade AutoStar hand paddle, the control box (which has illuminated reticle control and other stuff built in), both RA and Dec stepper motors with custom shaft converters, and all the associated cabling. I think the Meade AutoStar hand paddle itself cost around $150 from Meade. Price: $60

Item 45: SOLD These are nFOCUS DC motor speed controllers from Rigel Systems. Pulse width modulation. They both have AA batteries in them and they work. I think Leon still sells them new for $40 each. You can have both of them for cheap. Price: $20 for both

Item 44: SOLD Criterion Model E-6 Variable Frequency Generator for synchronous motor speed control. It changes the line frequency (120vac, 60Hz) from about 40Hz to 80Hz. This changes the speed of any 120vac synchronous motor. It uses standard 120vac and has all the cables (5) that came with the unit originally. The cables plug into the back of the larger box, You can also run the unit from either 120vac or 12vdc. If you've got a mount that still uses a synchronous motor for tracking, then this unit will provide you with a variable tracking rate. They don't make them anymore because synchronous tracking motors are kind of obsolete for telescope control. This VFG cost over $200 at one time. Price: $50

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