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The HARDWARE link supports a wide variety of items that are usually metal in construction. If any of the items listed here relate to another AREA, you might find the same item listed twice. Examples would be an audio/video cable listed at the A/V and CABLES links, a book listed at the BOOKS and EDUCATE links, or an electronic item that also relates to telescope control listed at the ELECTRO and ASTRO links, etc. Newest item listings (largest item numbers) are at the TOP of each AREA MENU page.

NEW Item 125: This pinion and knob set is of the highest quality I have ever seen on any rack & pinion focuser. The knobs are 2" in diameter and the inside separation between the knobs is 3.5" (4.65" overall from outside knob to outside knob). Great upgrade for any rack & pinion focuser. $25

Item 92: SOLD Heavy-duty cast aluminum fire and spark proof control boxes that controlled BFO's dome and lights, but you can control other things too. These types of electrical boxes cost around $150 each, without the lights and pushbuttons installed. Not sold separately. I would like $50 for both

Item 91: This is a monitor/keyboard swivel pedestal that clamps to the edge of a desk. Very sturdy as it was designed for CRT monitors. Would hold a flat screen LCD monitor and keyboard very easily. I have three of these devices. Now I have two because I SOLD one. Would be extra shipping charges involved, as they are large and fairly heavy metal construction. I would like $15 each

Item 90: NEW cast aluminum (left), plastic and sheet metal (right) project boxes. I've got bunches of them in many different sizes. I have quantities from a few to a dozen or so in the same sizes. Check the prices at Mouser or DigiKey and you'll find they cost many times what I am asking. Smaller sizes are $2 each and the larger sizes are $4 each

Item 74: SOLD A pair of Meade fork arms for [I think?] a 12" SCT. They have rotating, curved radius rings to mount flush to a tube assembly and DEC setting circles on both forks with locks. With a quick WD-40 cleaning, they will look like new. No estimated cost because I don't think you can buy these separately. You have to cannibalize a scope to get them. Price:$30 for the pair

Item 64: I only have one of these, that I used with my Nikon camera. This remote shutter cable release, with lock is 18" long. Like NEW! They cost $23 from Orion. Price: $10

Item 63: SOLD OUT I have a quantity of these NEW large-diameter Angle Finders with magnetic bases in their original factory packaging. They are easy to read in the dark, so they would be great for leveling your scope, etc. My price is a fraction of the new retail price. Price: $3 each

Item 57: SOLD Good quality swivel knob extensions. One set is 12" long and the other is 18" long. Good condition. Price: $10 for a set of 2 (not both sets of 2 for $10)

Item 35: (DESTROYED IN FIRE) I have a bunch of these large shielded radial ball bearings. They are marked GMN 2608 GERMANY. The ID is 40mm (1.575") and the OD is 80mm (3.15"). The race thickness is 18mm (0.71"). They are NEW but they have been sitting around for many years so they may have minor surface contamination, but nothing that would stop them from functioning like new. Sold only in sets of 4. Obviously for a two axis telescope mount. You won't find these [NEW, but old stock] high precision, German-made bearings for $5 each anywhere else. Not sold individually. Price: $20 set of 4

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