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The TOOLS link supports any item that is a physical tool related to construction, woodworking, metal working or any endeavor that requires tooling, etc. Examples would be a hammer, knife, electric drill, vice, ratchet, etc. If any of the items listed here relate to another AREA, you might find the same item listed twice. Examples would be an audio/video cable listed at the A/V and CABLES links, or a book listed at the BOOKS and EDUCATE links, etc. Newest item listings (largest item numbers) are at the TOP of each AREA MENU page.

Item 243: SOLD 5" Diamond Band Saw with variable speed control (see knob on back in right picture). 0-2500rpm. Includes two extra [expensive] diamond blades, shown in plastic bags in both pictures. 120vac plug-in operation. Red power light and fuse holder (see right picture). Water tray. You can cut glass fast and efficiently all day long with this compact tool. Approx. 16" high. Price: $75

Item 150: SOLD-OUT  4" Six-Jaw Scroll Lathe Chuck. Plain back, so you will need a back plate to mount it to your lathe. Enco has Bison mounting plates for about $80, which is more than I am asking for this "New-in-the-Box" precision 6-jaw scroll chuck. Such a deal! This is a long-jaw scroll chuck, which means it is designed to turn long rods, etc. Since it is also a 6-jaw, it can handle thin-walled cylinders without deforming the work piece. Note that 6-jaw chucks are much more expensive than 3-jaw chucks. Duh! They are also more difficult to find. Enco doesn't offer them anymore, but when they did, they were around $300 for this size. Internal through-bore is 1-inch. Since it is New [in the Box], you will have to remove the factory packing grease, which is really stinky stuff. I usually use WD-40, because it smells good and cuts the stinky packing grease quickly. Why is this not important? Includes, original box with fitted foam, instructions, mounting bolts and chuck key. I have two of them. New-in-the-Box. Price: $75 each - Great deal!

Item 146: SOLD TRIMOS/FOWLER, model VERTICAL 500, 24" Digital Height Gage made in Switzerland with LED digital readout resolution of 0.0001 inch. That's right, I said 1/10,000 of an inch. Not 0.001" or 0.0005" but the high industry standard of 1/10,000 of an inch. Of course, if you don't need that resolution, and really want this very cool unit for your shop, there is a switch that can set it to lesser resolutions too. It also has a pre-set counter that you can adjust to any number you want. Never did use it. The crank handle on the right moves the head up and down and has a built-in lock. The tool arm protruding from just below the box is removable with a thumb screw, so you can attach whatever you want to measure height or scribe lines, etc. The one included and shown is reversible to measure height, via a large chrome steel ball, or reverse it to scribe height lines. The base is pneumatic too. In other words, you can lock it in place with (vacuum) air, if you want to hook it up. Then just push the shiny chrome button shown at the rear of the base (in the picture) to release the pressure and move it around. I have a [generic] vacuum pump somewhere, not the one that came with this unit, but never used it. When I find it, you will see it on Paul's List somewhere. I don't have the operating manual that came with it, but I am sure you can download it from the internet, like everything else. You actually don't need a manual because it is simple to operate. Just flip the power switch, crank the handle, and zero it. Nothing to it. Needless to say, jumping up to this level of accuracy is very, very expensive. This height gage cost 5-figures in its day. And its day wasn't that long ago. Why am I selling it? Because I just don't need this level of accuracy. Never did, but I tried to justify the expense at one time. So here it is for a ridiculously small fraction of its original cost. It is rock-solid and heavy as a rock too, so additional shipping costs apply. 120vac operation. Price: $495

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