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Amateur Astronomy - News for, by, and about Amateur Astronomers around the planet.

AmSky - a monthly journal on amateur astronomy.

Andromeda Galaxy - Astronomy sites, optics, telescopes, software, classifieds, etc. - A great reference guide about astronomy related subjects and products.

Astronomy Mall - Free classified telescope and accessory ads, etc.

Astronomy Technology Today magazine - The best magazine resource for telescope equipment, reviews, etc. Forget S&T! They've gone "academic" on us long ago. Subscribe to ATT NOW!

Astronomy Yellow Pages - A reference for the astronomer.

Hallas' (Tony & Daphne) astrophoto site - The best astrophotos, period!

International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) - Light pollution is everyone's concern. GET INVOLVED! Do it today.

Laughton's (Paul) Amateur Astronomy - A "must see" astronomy page.

Lombardi's (Bob) ATM's Resource List - A complete astronomy resource guide.

Mountain Instruments - Highest quality telescopes and mounts. Custom 10"-24" complete systems.

Pack Rat Paul's List - Everything Astronomical & Not - FOR SALE at Give-Away prices! The Rat knows his Stuff!

REFLECTOR - The newsletter of the Astronomical League. Subscribe today!

Rigel Systems - makes a lot of very functional accessories for the amateur astronomer.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group - This finest CCD imaging cameras, period! And their support, before and after the sale, is almost as good as VSIs.

Sky Router - is an astronomy links portal with several hundred site links, feedback forum and syndicated news, etc, etc.

Sky Tonight Classifieds - Sky and Telescope's NEW Classified ad site. FREE ad placement and small commissions. Soon to be the largest telescope and accessories classified listing anywhere. Support the magazine that supports you. Place your ad where it counts.

StarMatt - is a great amateur astrophotography site.

Star Worlds - is the largest database of astronomy, space, and broadly related entries.

Stellar-International (STI) - offers the 'Stiletto' 35mm and CCD knife-edge and grating focusing devices for guaranteed perfect focus every time.

StudyWeb is an on-line educational resource for students and teachers.

Telescope Making - Provides quality products and services to the telescope making and astronomical community.

Terrance's (Gregory) Astro Image Gallery - His images have graced the pages of Astronomy and S&T for many years.

Universe Today - Space exploration and astronomy news, updated every weekday.

University Optics - Some of the best eyepieces on the market for almost 40 years. The Konig lens configuration will match any eyepiece (yes, even Naglers) for a lot less money. They've got a lot of other telescope accessory stuff too.

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