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CONDITIONS OF SALE are as follows: $25 minimum per order. For Sale items are not affiliated with Van Slyke Instruments. All sales final. No refunds. Items are sold AS-IS, on a "first come-first served" basis. Payment by personal check, money order, international money order (IMO), or guaranteed instrument. Sorry, no credit cards accepted. US small packet shipping is $7. Larger items/packages ship USPS priority. About $20 to $25 in the US. Package insurance is optional. However, if you decline insurance, sender (that's me) is not responsible for shipping damages or losses. Overseas items ship USPS Express Air. ORDER PROCEDURE: Call Paul at 719.495.3828 (M-F, 9-5 mountain time) to hold the items you want, inquire about shipping charges, etc. Then snail mail your check or money order to Paul Van Slyke, 12815 Porcupine Lane, Colorado Springs, CO 80908. List the items and include your return address in the envelope with your payment, and don't forget to add appropriate shipping (see left box). Items purchased with a personal check will not ship for 2 weeks. If I don't receive your order within one week from the time you place your promissory phone order, the items will be returned to inventory. Checks and Money Orders payable to Paul Van Slyke.
About Pack Rat PAUL'S LIST®: If you visited my BFO Sale link before, you will see that it has morphed into PAUL'S LIST [of personal stuff]. It is no longer called "Black Forest Observatory Liquidation Sale." That's because the [single] list was confusing, and becoming a "dragon" in length. If you still use a slower modem, it would take "forever" to download the old web page even though all the images are compressed using a compression engine.

So I divided the list into sections (see AREA MENU at left). The higher the ITEM number, the more recent the listing, so you will know if an item is a relatively new listing, or not. And, all items are listed with the largest (newest) number at the top of the page and the smallest (oldest) at the bottom, so the NEWEST items listed are at the TOP of the AREA MENU pages. This is important info if you are returning just to see if there are any new listings.

In an effort to find all my remaining astrostuff, I've found [that I've found] tons of other stuff too. The truth is that I'm a "pack rat." In fact, I have so much "STUFF" that redesigning this link, to accommodate unrelated stuff, became a necessity. These non-astro items are actually related to what most of us "astrotypes" do as a hobby or vocation. I find that many of us are interested in educating, audio/video, computers, electronics, robotics, etc., etc. Also, offering more of a selection provides you with a better opportunity to accumulate the required $25 minimum per order. If you have any questions about the changes, call me at the number above.

Understand, this is not an ongoing business venture. It is simply Paul's [personal] List of stuff for sale. Instead of trying to sell all this on ebay, I created Paul's List. This is my lifetime accumulation of stuff, and do I have a lot of stuff! Did I say I had a lot of stuff? Whoa! My philosophy is simple. If I don't use it anymore, then it goes on Paul's List. Whatever it may be - astronomical or not. So when an item is sold, it's gone forever. Know that I may be doing this for years, so I thought that a nice organized web site would be appropriate to this endeavor. Just listing and taking pictures may take years, so check back from time to time. You will always find new and exciting additions to Paul's List at ridiculous give-away prices!

No, I'm not going out-of-business and I'm not retiring for the forseeable future. I'm just lightening my burden on material possessions, and the cash is OK too. Then I can buy more stuff, that I will eventually find I no longer need, and upload it to Paul's List. The cycle continues and spirals upward.

For those of you who have found these links by accident, and are not of the astronomical persuasion, let me assure you that my business and personal reputation in the astronomical community is beyond reproach. Over 20 years of offering fine telescope accessories and instrumentation to astronomers, educators, and researchers worldwide will guarantee your secure and hassle-free personal transaction. - PBVS

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