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Red Eye's Rules of Accumulation
Red Eye [the Pack Rat] lives in my garage. He is the ultimate accumulator of stuff. Even his DNA is based on stuff. When anyone in my family loses something, we always look through Red Eye's stuff first. Afterall, he is a pack rat, like me. Red Eye's stuff never ceases to amaze us. And he is incessant in his quest for more stuff. Red Eye has told me about his rules. He wants everyone to follow them. He said, "Never break the Red Eye Rules of Accumulation or the marsupial "Puffle Stuffer" will abscond with all your stuff while you sleep!" The Red Eye knows his stuff! - PBVS
Rat Rule #1: Always acquire stuff from reputable sources, like VSI and Paul's List, etc.

Rat Rule #2: If it shines, glitters or glows, it's the good stuff.

Rat Rule #3: Even if you don't need it, get it anyway.

Rat Rule #4: Don't get stiffed acquiring stuff.

Rat Rule #5: Always gloat over your stuff after you get it. A good gloat is good for your health.

Rat Rule #6: You can't have your stuff, and eat it too.

Rat Rule #7: He who dies with the most stuff, wins!

Rat Rule #8: Time goes fast when you are acquiring stuff.

Rat Rule #9: Teach your younglings the value of stuff.

Rat Rule #10: You can never have too much stuff.

Rat Rule #11: Capitalism is the root of all stuff.

Rat Rule #12: You always find good stuff in garages and basements.

Rat Rule #13: Never leave your stuff laying around.

Rat Rule #14: Sometimes you get the stuff. Sometimes the stuff gets you.

Rat Rule #15: Don't let the Puffle Stuffer get your stuff. Secure your stuff before bed.

Rat Rule #16: Possession is 9/10ths of stuff.

Rat Rule #17: Don't sweat the small stuff.

Rat Rule #18: Don't judge a pack rat, by his accumulation of stuff.

Rat Rule #19: He who knows his stuff, usually keeps his stuff.

Rat Rule #20: Greed is the root of all stuff.

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